The Staff

We at Lechon City have committed ourselves to offering the best experience to every guest and every employee. We strive to provide unparalleled service, food and career opportunities. As one of the leading fast-food companies in the country we want to continue to attract and retain the best of the best! That is why we take pride in providing our employees with continued opportunities to learn.

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The Stores

We make sure to give our customers a great dining experience while enjoying their favorite lechon meal at Lechon City! We deliver to your doorstep. Please come and visit us at any of our branches near you.


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The Farm

Medeleon Farm House Corporation is biggest farm for Philippine native organic pig south of Manila.  It’s  located at Barangay Balele, Tanauan City, Province of Batangas.  Our organic native pigs are fed with vegetables and fresh fruits three times a day. That’s why our lechon have less fat and taste delicious. They are free range have access to soil and grass to get much needed minerals like iron and fibers. The pigs are housed in rice hull bed instead of cement flooring to bring them back to their natural habitat. The hogs are happy and healthy. That’s the Lechon City advantage over other lechon places,  we only serve native organic pigs that comes from our own farm.  Assuring you our customers the freshest and cleanest native lechon. Taste the difference… Try Lechon City native lechon.

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We Offer Perfect Lechon Baboy and Lechon Manok! Read More

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