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We are the fastest growing lechon baboy business in country. Our franchise stores sells freshly cooked Lechon Pork Belly Cebu Style per kilo or whole order, whole organic lechon baboy, lechon Sisig, lechon Binagoongan, lechon Pansit, lechon Sinigang, lechon Paksiw and other favorite Filipino native dishes. We offer you the following:

Use of patented trademarks, logos and brandnameStore or Kiosk construction (Space should be ready for occupancy)All kitchen equipmentAll dine-in equipment, tables and chairs (For Restaurant Package only)Marketing assistanceTraining of Franchisee and crew on management, customer service and food preparationUniforms of crewResearch and development of food items and serviceUse of company operating systemPre-opening, opening and post opening assistanceGrand opening gimmicks and team supportRecruitment assistanceSite selection assistanceAssistance on securing business permits and licensesAssistance with other corporate suppliersCommissary supportInitial stock of food items comes with the package.

The above list will cover all you will need to start your Franchised store and are all part of the Franchise package.  Succeeding stocks of meat, sauce and packaging materials will be bought by the Franchisee from Lechon City commissary only. The business permits, licenses, registration with different Gov. agencies will be under the Franchisee name and secured by the Franchisee. Lease rental expenses is not part of the Franchise Package and will be shouldered by the Franchisee separately.

FRANCHISE TERM – Three (3) years renewable.


TAKE-OUT FOOD STALL (Min. floor area req. 6 sqm. )                 Php 450,000

FOOD PARK STYLE – The lessor will provide the tables and chairs         Php480.000

FULL DINE-IN RESTAURANT  10 SEATING CAPACITY                          Php500.000

FULL DINE IN RESTAURANT 20 SEATING CAPACITY                            Php580.000

FULL DINE IN RESTAURANT 30 SEATING CAPACITY                            Php680.000   

Note: Mall based restaurant type stores have higher Franchise Package since it will have special requirements.

Franchise Steps :

Applicant Franchisee schedules a Franchise Orientation with Franchisor.Applicant Franchisee fills up application form and Letter of Intent.Franchisee pays P50,000 Reservation Fee.  This payment will lock in the area you want.Franchisee start looking for a space for rent subject to Franchisor’s approval. Franchisee signs Contract of Lease with building Lessor.Franchisee pays Construction Fee of P380,000 for Take-out Food Stall or P480,000 to P580,000 (depending on the store’s sitting capacity) for Full Dine-in Restaurant before start of construction.Franchisor construction team builds the store. (Usually takes 1 month)Franchisee applies for business permits, licenses and registers with Gov. agencies.Franchisor purchase all equipments, furniture, uniforms and appliances of the Franchise store.Franchisor trains the Franchisee and crew.We schedule an opening date.Opening of the Store. Contract signing of Franchise Agreement and final payment of P50,000 balance.

Note: Non- of the fees are refundable. We honor exclusivity in area territory on a first come first serve basis.

We can be reach thru 0935-035-2499 or landline 02-805-9770 or 7759332 or send us a private message thru our LechonCity Facebook account or send us an email at cheggy.lechoncity@gmail.com/aronzel.lechoncity@gmail.com