The Whole Native Lechon

You can be assured of the quality of our whole native lechon.  The pigs comes from the farms of Batangas, Quezon and Marinduque. The pigs are the Philippine Native pigs which are mostly black in color.  These pigs are fed with vegetables, fruits, trigo and coconut making their meat very tasty and little sweet. The fat layer on our whole native lechon is very thin while the meat layer is thick.  The skin is always crispy because of the characteristics on the native pigs which have thicker skins than the commercial white pigs which other lechon sellers use for their lechon. The pigs are indigenous to the province and are unlikely to get sick so no anti-biotics and medicines are given to the pigs. They are mostly raised in the backyards where they are free to roam and get much needed minerals from natural sources.   Go ahead and try our whole native lechon.